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The Setu Pg is opulent in choices, luxurious in comfort and royal in treatment. It's not your regular 'home away from home' hotel. Rather it's a hotel which is anything like a stay at home. It's an experience you'll talk about. Rooms at The Setu Pg are each a piece of art. For they house so much. From a basket of juicy fruits to a mini bar, welcome drinks to goodnight chocolates. And from the leading dailies, business kit to wi-fi and LAN connectivity. The good thing about a room is that it soon becomes 'my room'. It knows how to belong because it has been nurtured with empathy, detailing and foresight. 48 rooms are set up to snugly fit into guest's life.
We are more than just a desk and four walls at Setu Pg. We are a centre for success, innovation, and collaboration, where productivity soars and creativity flourishes.

About us

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Book an excellent PG in Delhi and embrace the hassle-free lifestyle today. Comprising spacious rooms, homely food, and affectionate staff, Zolo suits the needs of the students and working professionals who flock to the city to pursue their dreams.
When searching for PG in Delhi, you'll come across a diverse range of options tailored to meet your specific needs. Delhi, being a vibrant city, offers a plethora of PG accommodations suitable for students, working professionals, and individuals in search of a comfortable and convenient living arrangement.

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Welcome to the The Paying Guests visitors to the congenial conform and the world of hospitality. Managed by a team of thorough professionals, Uttaran The Paying Guests is ensures quality services and high standard facilities for the guests. Plus a friendly staff is always available to assist you. Come experience the rewards of staying in an atmosphere that caters to your lifestyle and is within your budget.

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